Aurrera quality


The Quality and Product Department of the Aurrera Group has developed an ambitious and innovative project called CSA (Quality Suprema Aurrera) whose objective is to control the traceability of our products, that is, each and every stage that makes up the chain of restoration, from the selection of raw materials to the final service we offer to our customers.

The first stage consists in the selection of the best suppliers. This process is carried out by certifying their product qualities, good practices, manufacturing and quality management system.

The quality in our restaurants is based on the implementation and maintenance of our own system of hazard analysis and control of critical points, and in the correct formation of food handlers following good handling practices, hygiene and preservation of products, which is summarized in three basic points: quality preservation, product protection and prevention of alterations in each phase of the process.

Only in this way, through an exhaustive and periodic control of the entire food chain, in the Aurrera Group we make sure that we are offering our customers a top product 100.


Sobre Aurrera
Expertos en restauración desde el año 1992, localizados en el centro de la ciudad de Benidorm, Alicante. Contamos con nueve establecimientos diferentes, con técnicas culinarias únicas y sorprendentes.
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