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Eating in Benidorm

Eating in Benidormis easy and simple, since you can find everything you like the most. It is a city open to the world and therefore hosts different types of cultures and cuisines. So you can find pretty much everything. In our restaurants in Benidorm,you will find different types of cuisine based on Spanish gastronomy,but with touches from different regions. As can be Mediterranean cuisine, Alicantine cuisine, Andalusian cuisine, Basque cuisine, Italian…. For example you can eat some fantastic rice dishes…. [Leer más]

VII days of the rice dishes of Benidorm 2018

Again come“JORNADAS DE LOS ARROCES DE LA TIERRA”,this time will be the VII days. They will be held from October 20, 2018 to October 28, 2018, in the restaurants of Benidorm,participating in these days. And with them, we finish the“GASTRONOMIC BENIDORM”of this 2018. A great finishing touch with the best rice recipes. In these days, the tradition of good rice are joined together with our culinary culture. The rice or paellas of our community, enjoy international recognition. Since it is… [Leer más]

Company menus at Benidorm Restaurants

Grupo Aurrera,offers you the option to celebrate your lunch or company dinner,in five restaurants in Benidorm. With different environments to choose from. Each of the menus that make up our entire gastronomic offer, is designed for different palates. Without forgetting to adjust the menus, for all pockets. Each and every one of our menus is made with the best raw materials. If you have or know someone who is vegetarian@, vegan@ or has some kind of intolerance, be sure to… [Leer más]

Christmas menus in Benidorm

For this Christmas, we have prepared a specific menu for each of the days indicated. And each of our restaurants in Benidorm, has a different proposal for each date and day. Therefore, our offer is very wide and diverse. Also our menu prices, cover according to the day and restaurant, all pockets. We have in each of our restaurants, Christmas menus, New Year’s Eve menu and New Year’s menu, in total fifteen menus. All of them, made with the best… [Leer más]

Catering to go in Benidorm

You stay with amig@s, family members to eat or dine on designated dates and the question arises, Who will cook?. So that tod@s we can enjoy without losing a single second, it is best for someone to cook for you. For those and many other moments, we have our catering to take home in Benidorm. Easily and easily, choose the dishes you want for your lunch or dinner. We take it home or pick it up in our restaurants that… [Leer más]

Tapas in restaurants in Benidorm

Eat tapas in Benidorm restaurants. It is to go to the old town of Benidorm,in the whole center is located the so-called“Street of the Basques“. In it you will find many restaurants with bars full of pintxos and tapas. Among all the restaurants that you will find in the center of Benidorm for tapas, we will advise you of course ours. But we’re going to give you a lot of reasons to go… below we briefly describe what you will… [Leer más]


Again come «JORNADAS DE LOS ARROCES OF THE EARTH“, this time will be the 8th days. They will be held from October 19, 2019 to October 27, 2019, in the restaurants of Benidorm,participating in these days. And with them, we finish the «GASTRONOMIC BENIDORM» of this 2019. A great finishing touch with the best rice recipes. In these days, the tradition of good rice are joined together with our culinary culture. The rice or paellas of our… [Leer más]

Christmas in Benidorm

Celebrating Christmas in Benidormis an election that every year has more followers. Just because of its climate, Benidorm is worth spending such endearing dates, whether with friends or family. Simply strolling along its beaches in the middle of winter, giving you the sun on your face is a hard experience to forget. While almost everyone is going cold. Here the weather always accompanies, in fact it is surprising to meet people in practically spring clothing. If you have decided to… [Leer más]

Enjoy a different lunch or dinner in Benidorm

Re-opening of our legendary cider establishment, now with the wonderful name of “La Antigua Sidrería“. A restaurant in central Benidorm where you participate in the magical setting as soon as you arrive. It offers special service and a fully open kitchen where heady aromas mix and tempt you. What can you expect to find? Options range from small, carefully prepared dishes with excellent raw materials, such as prawn ceviche with a spicy olive vinaigrette, grilled octopus on squid ink and… [Leer más]

Where can I eat a good rice dish in Benidorm?

The Aurrera Group, has a great selection of dining options available in Benidorm, ranging from a pincho or tapa made with fantastic raw materials and with wonderful presentation methods that say “eat me”, to the latest in gourmet cooking. On this gastronomic journey, today we are devoting ourselves to rice. We serve many kinds of rice in various forms. These include caldoso rice with lobster, to fideuà with fine noodles, boletus and grated foie. Of course, a nod must be… [Leer más]

Sobre Aurrera
Expertos en restauración desde el año 1992, localizados en el centro de la ciudad de Benidorm, Alicante. Contamos con nueve establecimientos diferentes, con técnicas culinarias únicas y sorprendentes.
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