Celebrating Christmas in Benidormis an election that every year has more followers. Just because of its climate, Benidorm is worth spending such endearing dates, whether with friends or family. Simply strolling along its beaches in the middle of winter, giving you the sun on your face is a hard experience to forget. While almost everyone is going cold. Here the weather always accompanies, in fact it is surprising to meet people in practically spring clothing.

If you have decided to spend Christmas in Benidorm,in our group of restaurants in Benidorm,it will be easy to find according to your tastes and preferences where to celebrate your Christmas meals and dinners. In fact, for these dates all our restaurants have menus made according to the day you want to celebrate with us.

If you have already chosen Benidorm to spend these Christmas dates… our restaurants to eat… now there would be a little bit of fun to make the most of these days. In our street, in the center of Benidorm,we have a party that has been going on for a few years. On the afternoon of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in Benidorm,they have their own name, AfternoonGood and Old Afternoon. Everyone starts to concentrate at noon. You will find a whole street with the best animation to celebrate Christmas or to say goodbye to the year.

So you already have a plan for those days… We meet by our restaurants and enjoy, that life is two days.