Again come «JORNADAS DE LOS ARROCES OF THE EARTH“, this time will be the 8th days. They will be held from October 19, 2019 to October 27, 2019, in the restaurants of Benidorm,participating in these days. And with them, we finish the «GASTRONOMIC BENIDORM» of this 2019. A great finishing touch with the best rice recipes.

In these days, the tradition of good rice are joined together with our culinary culture. The rice or paellas of our community, enjoy international recognition. Since it is the great base of our already known paellas and Alicantinos and Valencian rice. Riceis a great wealth within our kitchen. That over the years, we tend to update with different textures, aromas and flavors. All thanks to our rice, since this food is very versatile and has many possibilities.

This is a good time, to get started in the gastronomic world of rice,if you haven’t done it yet. All cooked and elaborated to satisfy all palates. And besides, made with a lot of love. There will be traditional, typical and more avant-garde.

In these VII days of rice of the land of Benidorm. We participate with two of our restaurants, Son de Mar, La Taperia and El Bodegón Aurrera. In each of them, you will find during the days, menus composed of several starters and as the main, a rice. For each day, a rice cooked differently and with a variety of ingredients.

Rice to band, black, senyoret… starters and desserts with the best of the sea and the Valencian orchard. They are just a few of the suggestions that customers who visit our restaurants in Benidorm can choose.

Check out our rice-day menus in Benidorm

The price of the menu is 20 euros and it will include; starters, main, dessert and a drink. A small price to enjoy menus of great elaboration.

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