Eat tapas in Benidorm restaurants. It is to go to the old town of Benidorm,in the whole center is located the so-called“Street of the Basques“. In it you will find many restaurants with bars full of pintxos and tapas. Among all the restaurants that you will find in the center of Benidorm for tapas, we will advise you of course ours. But we’re going to give you a lot of reasons to go… below we briefly describe what you will find in each of them when you visit us.

The first one you will find if you come by the roadwalk, will be La Taperia. As its name suggests you will find a bar full of tapas, but not any tapas, since they are very different from the rest that you can find in our restaurants and even in the rest of the street. The Taperia has won on several occasions the Benidorm Restaurant tapas and skewer contest. They’re more elaborate tapas than just seeing them, you’ll want to eat them all. Mix of flavors, aromas… tapas as we say, author.

La Brasería,will be the next restaurant that you will find a very original skewer bar, since it is covered with white stone and illuminated with a red light, which will powerfully attract your attention. In it you will find a wide variety of skewers and rations. Mixing the most traditional ingredients with the most avant-garde elaborations. If you are looking for a bar so as not to move on your entire visit to Benidorm,this is yours.

Next there is El bodegón Aurrera,with a warm and rustic décor reminiscent of those taverns of the north of all life. Where eating and drinking well in Benidorm,is assured. In it you will find great rations based mainly on Basque cuisine. One of its specialties is cod al pil pil, spicy mussels, along with its Idiazabal cheese… you will also find more traditional tapas. It is a restaurant to share some rich dishes and good wines with friends.

Pintxos Aurrera,without a doubt the icon of pintxos on the street and throughout Benidorm. It’s where it all started, 27 years ago and where you’ll want to get lost tasting pintxos and more pintxos. With its “U” shaped bar full of pintxos of all flavors and colors. Fish, seafood, meat, vegetables… Everything imaginable in terms of tapas and pintxos, here you will find it. A restaurant in Benidorm to eat tapas,which evokes the authentic spirit of the taverns of the Basque Country. Any of its cheese tapas with apple, blueberries or our famous txaka is the most typical of its bar. That’s not how you can miss its towering made daily… as we say, our great energy bar.

Tabernita del Sur,is a small corner of Andalusia in the center of Benidorm. Its tapas and fish cones, will make you feel like in the south. Your shrimp pancakes, your prawns, chopitos, yres… will take you to their true flavors. Another way to cover in a very Andalusian atmosphere in a restaurant in the center of Benidorm.

Eating in Benidorm or dining in Benidorm in a very relaxed and different way.

In case you like to try a little bit of everything eating, the best way is to go out of tapas by the street of the Basques,in the center of Benidorm.

Restaurants in Benidorm to eat based on rich and elaborate tapas.