Again come“JORNADAS DE LOS ARROCES DE LA TIERRA”,this time will be the VII days. They will be held from October 20, 2018 to October 28, 2018, in the restaurants of Benidorm,participating in these days. And with them, we finish the“GASTRONOMIC BENIDORM”of this 2018. A great finishing touch with the best rice recipes.

In these days, the tradition of good rice are joined together with our culinary culture. The rice or paellas of our community, enjoy international recognition. Since it is the great base of our already known paellas and Alicantinos and Valencian rice. Riceis a great wealth within our kitchen. That over the years, we tend to update with different textures, aromas and flavors. All thanks to our rice, since this food is very versatile and has many possibilities.

This is a good time, to get started in the gastronomic world of rice,if you haven’t done it yet. All cooked and elaborated to satisfy all palates. And besides, made with a lot of love. There will be traditional, typical and more avant-garde.

In these VII days of rice of the land of Benidorm. We participate with two of our restaurants, Son de Mar and La Taperia. In each of them, you will find during the days, menus composed of several starters and as the main, a rice. For each day, a rice cooked differently and with a variety of ingredients.

Rice to band, black, senyoret… starters and desserts with the best of the sea and the Valencian orchard. They are just a few of the suggestions that customers who visit our restaurants in Benidorm can choose.

The price of the menu will be 20 euros and it will include; starters, main, dessert and a drink. A popular price for all the work behind each of our menus.

Tickets to choose from 2 per table
Prawn tartare
Tomato salad with basil, pickled onion and melva
Octopus carpaccio with Galician grant smith
Pork cheek basket and mushroom sauce
Fried aubergines with nisperos honey
Saturday 20: Rice with anchogons and spinach
Sunday 21: Sweet lobster rice with vegetables from the garden.
Monday 22: Cauliflower paella, cod, tender garlic and chickpeas.
Tuesday 23: Chicken rice with boletus.
Wednesday 24: Paella of Iberian prey with artichokes and habits.
Thursday 25: Rabbit rice with snails and vegetables.
Friday 26: Amb fesols and naps.
Saturday 27: Black rice with sepionet and inhabits
Sunday 25: Rice of squid, monkfish and lobster.
Dessert to choose from:
Torrija with meringue milk ice cream
pineapple carpaccio with lemon sorbet
Texture of chocolates with nuts and choco ice cream
Red Rioja of the year / Blanco Rueda (1 bottle by two diners)
Duo of brandadas with salmon and chives
Artichokes gratin with saffron, stuffed with seafood
Black Rice with Ali Olí Foam (Thai Wild Black Rice Type)
Carrot cake with orange and cheese cream
Prawn ceviche, corvina, lime and mango
Salad with crudites and fresh cheese
Tuna Señoret Rice (Type of Rice Bomb)
Cup of osmotized fruit with mint and ginger
Steak tartare with foie shavings
Raff tomato salad, mojama and lime vinaigrette
Rice by band (Type of Senia rice)
Chocolate in textures
Eggplant and parmesan chip
Crispy octopus with potato foam
Rice with rabbit and snails (Type of Bahia rice)
Apple Pie in Textures
Low-temperature egg with truffled potato and foie gras
Beef gizzard with mustard sauce and oysters
Rice with leg (Type of Rice Solana)
Torrija in our style
Burrata salad with tomato in textures
White garlic with cantalup and grapes
Melve of monkfish and clams (Type of Rice Arbóreo)
Cream and fruit millets
Pickles and octopus in salad
Ear with lime and chilli
Rice with anchogons and spinach (Type of Lido rice)
Built cheesecake
Avocado, apple and crab salad
Seasonal vegetable wok
Lean rice and seasonal vegetables (Carnaroli rice type)
Tiramisu 2.0
Iced asparagus cream with yogurt and lime
Gao bao de cochinita pibil
Lobster, prawns and seasonal vegetables (Guadiamar rice type)
Madame Pears
Red Rioja of the year / Blanco Rueda (1 bottle by two diners)

We hope you enjoy with each of them.

See you around Benidorm’s Restaurants

Happy Days!