The Aurrera Group, has a great selection of dining options available in Benidorm, ranging from a pincho or tapa made with fantastic raw materials and with wonderful presentation methods that say “eat me”, to the latest in gourmet cooking. On this gastronomic journey, today we are devoting ourselves to rice.

We serve many kinds of rice in various forms. These include caldoso rice with lobster, to fideuà with fine noodles, boletus and grated foie. Of course, a nod must be given to the classics: senyoret paella, seafood paella, arròs a banda, vegetable paella and the delicious cod paella with cauliflower. Each and every one of them has its own distinctive personality and presentation.

Paellas are our thing, here in the Community of Valencia. But finding a good restaurant in Benidorm? That, my friend, is another thing entirely.

Son de Mar has one of the most spectacular terraces in Benidorm. With the sea just a few metres away, this restaurant draws diners due to its unique, unbeatable location, and it will hook you with its cuisine.

Our offerings in this regard at the Aurrera Group are concentrated among three of our restaurants in Benidorm. Any of our three proposals is a safe bet. Now, simply decide where you want to enjoy a tasty rice dish in Benidorm:

Traditional rice in Benidorm Restaurant La Tapería

Restaurant La Tapería

C/ Santo Domingo, 6 – 03501 Benidorm, Alicante
Bookings: 618 131 873
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Somewhere you can enjoy authentic rice dishes made with traditional ingredients.
Here, you can enjoy flavours that will take you back in time to the paellas you used to eat when you were young.
Our caldoso rice with lobster is spectacular. Come and give it a try.

Paella in Restaurant Benidorm La Brasería

Restaurant La Brasería

C/ Santo Domingo, 10 – 03501 Benidorm, Alicante
Bookings: 618 131 873
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We started by blending paellas with a modern touch, nothing risky.
Pleasure for your palate.
Rice is the protagonist.
Let us advise you and come and enjoy our delicious vegetable paella.

Paellas and gourmet rice dishes in Benidorm Son de Mar Restaurant

Restaurant Son de Mar

Plaza del Torrejo, 1 – 03501 Benidorm, Alicante
Bookings: 618 131 873
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You will find rice dishes and paellas here, combining the traditional with the latest trends in gourmet cooking. Our paellas will blow you away with the wonderful experience they offer for the palate. They are made with first-class raw materials and preparation techniques that encourage the original flavour.