About us

How we do things

Aurerian Philosophy

Because we know that a satisfied customer is the best of credentials, our day to day has always been governed by a clear objective.

"Perform the role of leaders with the absolute satisfaction of their customers in every way"

Although more than an objective, this declaration of intent reflects the way of understanding the restoration of the new times. In the Aurrera Group, each person counts, and all of us who make up this great team assume this principle and keep it well in mind in our daily work, both professionally and humanly. Only with this commitment to customer satisfaction has it been possible for us to continue growing and consolidating our leadership.

For this reason, our work teams, from the kitchen staff to the administrative staff, follow a marked professional work plan to guarantee the principles of quality and service, with the utmost enthusiasm, passion and efficiency.

At the Aurerra Group we are constantly innovating, aware of new trends, attentive to new demands, anticipating the future, but without losing sight of the fundamentals, the place where we come from and our own roots. In (any restaurant of the group) Aurrera, avant-garde and tradition are harmonized and go hand in hand to please the most exquisite palates, and always with an exceptional human treatment.

Our history

The story of an illusion come true

Our particular journey begins back in 1992, when we opened our first place, Aurrera Pintxos, in the old town of Benidorm, where, from then until today, and true to our roots, we continue to offer the pinchos and tapas that have made us popular. . From then on, and thanks to the enthusiasm and our innate desire to improve, which always leads us to offer the highest quality and the best service, at the Aurrera Group we have continued to grow and evolve, creating new spaces with the most varied styles, seeking always surprise and, above all, please our customers to the fullest. Their satisfaction and, above all, their loyalty tells us that we have achieved it…, but we have to go further.

Currently, the Aurrera Group is made up of nine restaurants with an offer as varied as it is attractive: tapas bar, brewery, pizzeria, brasserie, traditional cuisine, rice restaurant, avant-garde and creative cuisine... The same motto and an identical commitment wave in all of them. : customer satisfaction as the only reason for being.

Aurrera Quality

The Aurrera Group Quality and Product Department has developed an ambitious and innovative project called CSA (Supreme Aurrera Quality) whose objective is to control the traceability of our products, that is, each and every one of the stages that make up the restaurant chain , from the selection of raw materials to the final service we offer our customers.

The first stage consists of the selection of the best suppliers. This process is carried out through the certification of its product qualities, good practices, manufacturing and quality management system.

The quality in our restaurants is based on the implementation and maintenance of our own hazard analysis and critical point control system, and on the correct training of food handlers following good product handling, hygiene and conservation practices. which can be summarized in three basic points: preservation of quality, protection of the product and prevention of alterations in each of the phases of the process.

Only in this way, through an exhaustive and periodic control of the entire food chain, at the Aurrera Group we ensure that we are offering our customers a 100% first class product.

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